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The SEC has filed civil fraud claims in Illinois against The Nutmeg Group, LLC and others. Greco & Greco is currently representing investors seeking recovery of their related losses in FINRA arbitration.

As set out in the SEC Complaint which can be found here, the SEC filed civil fraud claims in Illinois against The Nutmeg Group, LLC, Randall Goulding, and others.  The SEC alleges in its Complaint that Nutmeg was an investment adviser to 15 funds which invested fund assets in private investments in public equity (PIPE) transactions. As a basis for its fraud claims, the SEC alleges in the Complaint that Nutmeg “improperly commingled investor and fund assets,” “misappropriated over $4 million in fund assets,” “failed to maintain the required books and records,” and “overstated the performances of its Funds to investors.”  (paragraphs 2 and 3 of SEC Complaint). 

All FINRA registered representatives are required to be registered with a FINRA firm (Broker-Dealer).  FINRA firms have legal responsibilities to supervise their registered representatives, and further may be found liable for the wrongful actions of their agents.  Examples of legal grounds for liability of Broker-Dealers in these situations include:

a) under tort and agency law, principals can be found liable for the acts of their agents even if they are entirely innocent and have received no benefit from the transaction;

b) a broker?s Broker-Dealer can also be found liable as a ?control person? of that broker under state and federal securities laws; and

c) claims can be pursued in arbitration based on violations of FINRA rules including Rules related to supervision, suitability, and outside business activities.

If you were sold investments in Nutmeg Group funds by a FINRA registered representative, and you would like to discuss legal options with an attorney, please contact Greco & Greco for a free consultation with one of our lawyers.