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The SEC filed an Emergency Complaint on June 24, 2010 against the Estate of Kenneth Wayne McLeod, F&S Asset Management Group, and Federal Employee Benefits Group, alleging that Mr. McLeod engaged in a ponzi scheme.

The SEC release and Complaint can be found here. The Complaint alleges that Mr. Mcleod solicited federal government workers across the country to invest in a purported bond fund (the FEBG Bond Fund) which offered “guaranteed, tax-free returns of eight to ten percent annually in the fund.” In reality, the fund did not exist and Mr. McLeod used newly invested funds to pay off old investors, a classic ponzi scheme. Mr. McLeod raised $34 million from current investors.

According to this Florida Times Union article, Mr. McLeod killed himself days after confessing to investigators.

Mr. McLeod was a FINRA registered representative of Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation until May, 2010. Prior to Lincoln, Mr. McLeod was FINRA registered with Capital Analysts, Incorporated and Washington Square Securities. FINRA firms have legal responsibilities to supervise their registered representatives, and further may be found liable for the wrongful actions of their agents. Examples of legal grounds for liability of Broker-Dealers in these situations include:

a) under tort and agency law, principals can be found liable for the acts of their agents even if they are entirely innocent and have received no benefit from the transaction;

b) a broker’s Broker-Dealer can also be found liable as a ?control person? of that broker under state and federal securities laws; and

c) claims can be pursued in arbitration based on violations of FINRA rules including Rules related to supervision, suitability, and outside business activities.

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